Dying Stars

by Grounds For Invasion

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released February 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Grounds For Invasion Galway, Ireland

Grounds For Invasion is producer Willow Sea, vocalist Tracy Friel and drummer Dave Shaugnessy.

Praise for Dying Stars:

"You've got to hear this" - The Irish Times.

"An excellent debut record, one that etches itself into your mind and keeps you hovering over the repeat button" - Hot Press Magazine.
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Track Name: Beginning
You smell of the earth, fresh sweat, cigarettes
You taste like the sea
Your body feels solid, strong for me
Your calloused hands, the gentlest touch
That marks your creativity
And I am lost in the idea of you
This is the beginning of something new
Of something real
And I will not give up, no I will not give up on this
Track Name: Let Go
I’ve waited, waited for you
So many nights, tangled in blue
Let go
Stop playing games, we’ve been here before
It’s getting old, it’s time to let go
Let go
Why’d you wanna go and break my heart?
Why’d you wanna go tearing me apart?
Stop fuckin’ ‘round, you know what I need
Just make it hurt so I know it’s real
Let go
What’s yours is mine. Ain’t that how it works?
Get in line, I was here first
Let go
Track Name: Stones
Stones slick beneath my feet
I make my way to the beach
Silver-tipped waves crest
Phosphorescent by the light of the moon
On a distant shore a light flashes green
And I am drawn
As crystal stars break through city lights
Renewed and reborn
They remind me of my place, my insignificance
They remind me of my place, my brilliance
Just another girl standing by the shore
Trying to figure it all out
Where I fit, where I belong, I don’t know
But if I believe what I truly feel, then I am one
With all I see and all I know, I shall return
Track Name: Visceral
After dark, wrapped in your arms
Beats in my chest, spin, spin around
At the fair, behind the carousel
I’ll wait for you, I’ll wait for you
Under lights
Under stars
Under you
I tie myself to who I want you to be
I’d hurt myself to be who you need
Track Name: Little Things
In the darkest nights
As I hang by a thread
Through the longest hours
Wishing I was dead
It’s the smallest things that keep me on
It’s those little things keeping me so strong
Without love, there is no meaning
Without love, there is no light
Without love, there is no hope
Without love, I am nothing
Track Name: Stars
This is your life. Are you living?
This is your time, your time is now
These are your people, what are you giving?
This is your chance, take it now
Kick off your ball and chain
Take off that cloak of shame
Let go of who you are
We are the stuff of stars
Track Name: Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee is living inside me
I hear his words, I remember his life
Be water, my friend
Track Name: Run
You left me on the floor
Gutted by your words
With you, it was always all or nothing
In the end it was nothing
It hurts no less that I always knew I was not your girl
I was fooling myself
It’s over now, I just want to run away
Leave this place, forget your face
It’s over now, I just want to run away
Start again, I’m not the same
I’m not the same
I’ve been let down so many times that I didn’t have far to fall
But when that cut came from a friend, you know it went deepest of all
But even if I knew back then how this was all going to end
You know, I’m the type of girl, I’d probably do it all again
It’s over now, I just want to run away
I just want to run away
Track Name: Dying Stars
Dying stars connect our bones, tie you and I
Dying stars fill our blood, linger in every kiss
Across the universe, across time, galaxies and rifts
Through cold space and wide wonder
We have come
We are one, one and the same
Shaped from dust divine
Dying stars fill our eyes
And still we are blind